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Keeping connected on the road

01 Jan 2011

Travelling on business often carries risks, from difficulty getting online, to security problems. These tips may help you avoid technical troubles.Things to packA plug box, so you’ve got more electrical outlets; a voltage regulator, for countries with different voltage; your computer’s AC adapter; and an Ethernet cable.Don’t rely on hotel wi-fiSome hotels filter internet traffic. Mostly it’s aimed at heavy users who want to watch endless YouTube or play online games, but business users can be affected too. Be sure you have an alternative place to do that important online work – whether it’s using your mobile provider’s mobile data service or going to a coffee shop.Be security-consciousBe sure your computer has its own firewall – ideally it should be stronger than the built-in firewall in Windows, which has proved to be vulnerable. Keep your laptop with you wherever possible – don’t leave it in a hotel room or in a car. And see this page for a free service that tracks stolen laptops.