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Kiwi app helps SMBs tackle tax budgeting

23 May 2012

Keeping track of tax liability is a big hassle for SMBs, but it’s necessary to avoid the cash crises that can come with simply waiting for IRD deadlines.

Kiwi digital design firm The App Agency have come up with an app to take the trouble out of tax tracking, combining a calculator that works out the amount of tax owed with a calendar that keeps track of the time left until payment is due, and shows how much the user needs to save per week in order to stay ahead of the game.

Available on iPhone and iPad for $9.99, the Tax Tracker app can even factor in extensions granted by the IRD.

Ross Blakely, creative director for The App Agency, says that the app was developed in conjunction with his company’s own accountant, Stephen Simpson.

"We were sitting down one day with him and said gosh, wouldn’t it be great to just see visually what all your tax payments were, and how many days you had left, so you could budget for them?” Blakely says.

"Stephen had some great ideas, and we ran with them. If you make any IRD payments, you can record them in the app, or if you run a tax savings account you can track these savings within the app as well.

"It couldn’t be more simple.”

We’ll be posting a review of the Tax Tracker app next week. If you can’t wait, go here to give it a try.