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Kiwi company to debut new extreme weather digital signage option

A New Zealand company will this week launch what it says is a ‘groundbreaking’ new outdoor display technology designed for extreme weather endurance.

Fingermark’s Digital Cell, which will launch at Digital Signage Expo, is a long-lasting digital signage solution able to endure temperatures between minus 30 degrees Celsius, or -22 degrees Fahrenheit, and 50 degrees Celsius, or 122 degrees Fahrenheit for between three to five years.

Luke Irving, Fingermark founder and managing director, says he believes Digital Cell is ‘the biggest leap forward in outdoor digital signage technology.

“Whether you are in the Arctic conditions of Northern Finland or the desert temperatures of Dubai, the Digital Cell won’t break down due to freezing or overheating,” Irving says.

The offering uses an optically bonded, anti-reflective glass surface and built-in temperature control abilities, as well as conductive cooling technology.

The enclosure is IP-rated sealed making it both dust-proof and water-proof.

Fingermark says Digital Cell is a ‘very cost effective’ digital signage option, with comparably low unit prices and reduced entergy consumption.

Weighing in at 55kg or 110lbs, Fingermark says the Digital Cell is light-weight and easy to install, without the need for heavy moving equipment, while also being robust and vandal resilient and providing ‘unrivalled screen clarity’.

The company expects the offering to prove popular for the fast food sector.