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Kiwi company FaceMe expands to the US with new partnership

FaceMe, the Kiwi founded video collaboration company, has formed a strategic partnership with Pinnaca to enhance the company’s video portfolio for its global clients. Under the partnership, Pinnaca will supply and support the FaceMe platform globally.

“Pinnaca has extensive knowledge of the entire video conferencing domain. Our partnership will extend our reach and capability into the global marketplace, particularly in the U.S. market where Pinnaca has excellent coverage and capabilities,” says Danny Tomsett, FaceMe CEO.

“In addition, its focus on increasing user adoption and driving more collaborative communication aligns perfectly with the value of the FaceMe platform,” Tomsett says.

One of the first companies in the market with browser and mobile app video solutions, FaceMe has developed a framework that solves previous video collaboration challenges. Studies indicate when customers interact via text or audio, up to 80% of the communication potential to build trust, relationships - and ultimately, sales - can be lost. The FaceMe platform removes previous technology barriers, which opens up a world of new possibilities with measurable results, according to the company.

Pinnaca is a new brand name that combines Video Guidance and BCS Global, two recently merged visual communications businesses. The privately held, independent company is known for its managed and cloud-based conferencing solutions, providing visual communications tools to boardroom, desktop and mobile devices, enabling visual collaboration for productivity in enterprises.

“We are excited to offer our worldwide partners and clients another creative video and visual communications option,” says Dan Tanel, Pinnaca CTO.

“FaceMe will help to provide enhanced collaboration to businesses and organisations of all sizes around the world and open new opportunities for customers to interact on demand via video,” he says.

The FaceMe platform is now part of Pinnaca’s digital cloud strategy that includes managed video services, recording and steaming, and video-enabled contact centres. The FaceMe technology solves user experience and scale challenges associated with video and collaboration with a simple experience, the company says.

FaceMe Connect for Contact Centres provide an innovative proposition for organisations looking at engaging customers via video and content through their websites, mobile apps or in-store kiosks.

The completely integrated service offers a live video and collaboration experience using its existing contact centre platform. The framework ensures the service will only be available to those with adequate network and device performance, as well as utilising the route, management and reporting of the existing platform, according to the company.