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Kiwi firm’s tool for sales team productivity

29 Jun 2015

If you’re like most business owners or sales managers you are mildly annoyed with the performance of your sales team at any one time.

If only everyone in the sales team could represent your products, pitch the benefits and close the deals as well as the founder or the best member of the team.

It seems like an ongoing issue and something that we’re lead to believe will never change. We're told that the pareto principle will apply, that 20% of your sales team generate 80% of your results and so on.

A Kiwi firm called Qotient (previously Pitch Metrics) aims to change that.

What it offers is a cloud and app tool that codifies and documents your best sales practices and helps the rest of the team to learn and implement these in front of a customer. It's best used in an organisation that sells face to face.

An organisation adopting their tool creates a library of sales conversations that are broken into three key areas - insights, sales questions and reference material.

The app on a tablet or laptop can then be used during the customer meeting. It not only prompts the salesperson to use the proven approaches in its library but records key client responses.

These responses and other metrics collected are then added to your CRM and get rolled up in a statistics dashboard for sales management to use, which in turn gives the sales management a true insight into how effective these face to face meetings are, plus tools to fine tune and coach the team.

Developed in New Zealand, Qotient has offices in New Zealand and Australia with extensive plans to tackle the North American market later this year.

The tool explained:

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