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Kiwi ISP releases 'groundbreaking' app feature

Bigpipe has just released a new app feature to help customers test their broadband connection for faults.

The Kiwi Internet Services Provider’s (ISP) automated line testing feature is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It's also a key part of the company’s drive to be the technology leader across the broadband industry.

Sarvajith Ravishankar, product manager at Bigpipe, says for many New Zealanders ADSL broadband is still their only connection option. He explains that the copper network ADSL runs on has been around for a long time and isn’t very reliable.

“Faults can be caused by a huge number of factors outside an ISP's control, from corrosion, to pest infestations, to rain,” says Ravishankar.

“Customers also face a myriad of issues that can be caused by home equipment. An ISP can't directly control many of these factors - but Bigpipe can still help customers a great deal with our new line-testing feature," he says.

Ravishankar adds that if their customers are unfortunate enough to experience connection problems, it’s often difficult for them to identify where the problem lies.

“Our new line-testing feature means if our customers are having a problem with their connection, they can automatically discover what may be wrong, with just the push of a button, without needing to contact us in the first instance,” he says. 

“Our technology allows us to remotely identify the cause of many faults, reducing customer frustration as well as troubleshooting time.”

Currently, Bigpipe is offering its customers free fibre upgrades and gigabit availability has been announced for areas serviced by Enable and Ultrafast Fibre. 

“If Chorus or another LFC launch gigabit plans elsewhere, we’d love to upgrade our customers in those regions as well,” says Ravishankar.