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Kiwi IT company revolutionising customer interacting

12 Oct 2012

IT provider Lancom says their new software is "completely changing the way staff interact with their IT department."

The kiwi company developed DeskDirector, a customer portal app created to help users with IT support and to improve efficiency and response rates for IT departments in managing such requests.

Developed with the sole focus of removing many frustrations which follow getting to the bottom of an IT problem, Lancom says the new software shows IT requests can be handled in a better way.

"Through research with our own customers we found that people get frustrated when they need to spend time trying to get to the bottom of any IT problem," says Phill Claxton, Lancom general manager.

"They don’t like seeing valuable time wasted on the phone or the flood of emails to their inbox, what they want is an easy system and their IT issue to be sorted quickly.”

The Auckland-based firm says DeskDirector allows users to access, view and track IT help requests, invoices and company training tools all at the click of a button on their desktop or mobile device.

Lancom, who is one of New Zealand’s leading IT providers to medium sized businesses, started rolling out DeskDirector to their customers several months ago

“We’ve had feedback from our clients that they are finding the app very easy to navigate and are enjoying not having to go through a cumbersome communication process to get issues resolved or requests dealt with," Claxton says.

"We’re wrapped with it, it’s been a huge success for us and our customers”.

Key features include:

* Instant chat means no more waiting on the phone

* Knowledge Management portal

* Easy but secure access

* Mobile Access

* Personalising your portal