Kiwi software tool hits multi-million milestone

16 Mar 15

AddressFinder, the auto-complete tool for New Zealand street addresses, has officially been used more than 100,000,000 times by Kiwis.

The software company behind the tool, Abletech, announced the milestone on their blog, and said the counting had started in June 2007.

Nigel Ramsay, Abletech founder, says, “We have the numbers ticking over in the office and on our website. We look at it and we’re just blown away.”

Abletech says the tool is used every day by businesses as well as individuals to help with a wide range of deliveries and to tidy up bulk address lists.

The company says this milestone was hit due to the fact that the auto-completer along with the website’s more advanced tools are rising in popularity.

Extra services includes NearbyAddress, which takes your GPS and turns it into a street address.

The fact that the tool can be used for free and has consistently up-to-date information sets it apart from other auto-complete tools, Abletech says.

“There are other auto-completers out there but we’re very active keeping all the New Zealand data up to date for AddressFinder,” says Ramsay.

“If someone subdivides and moves onto a smaller section we need to make sure they’re easily found.”

Abletech started out with three local men: Marcus Baguley, Carl Penwarden and Nigel Ramsay.

“We’re proud of being Kiwis working for Kiwis,” says Ramsay. “What I really like is that small to medium sized New Zealand companies can use AddressFinder for free.”

Kiwi businesses wanting to use AddressFinder sign-up online and put the AddressFinder widget on their own site for when people make a purchase and enter their delivery address.

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