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Kiwi start-up aims to revolutionise email

A new Kiwi start-up known as BetterMail has launched an email service with a wide range of features, competitive pricing, and a focus on client integration.

So far, 15% of the NZ telecommunications market is using BetterMail, and the service is now used to send more than five million emails annually.

“We started BetterMail as a lot of these things do; through frustration of the existing options available.

“What we needed was a fully integrated system that allows you to not only see actionable customer insights but act on them.

“The best we could find was slow, expensive and incredibly difficult to use,” says Scott Hoogerbrug, BetterMail chief marketing officer.

The business was in beta for three years and has only recently launched in full.

According to Hoogerbrug, client integration is a key feature of the service.

“Our killer feature is that we allow our clients to pipe real-time data into our system, which allows the end user to not only send email to their customers within minutes, but have a view on business performance given the richness of the data stored.

“It’s incredibly powerful. No longer do marketers have to wait for days, weeks or even months to run a campaign.

“In literally ten minutes, the user can analyse their customer data, find a target based on business objectives, create an email, and send,” says Hoogerbrug.

Along with marketing and trigger based sending, BetterMail also provides free survey web forms and scalable databases per account.

In order to boost the number of businesses using the service, BetterMail is currently running a plan which allows clients to send 50,000 emails per month for free.