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Kiwi VMob joins Las Vegas Technovation Solutions Centre

VMob, the New Zealand mobile marketing company, has joined the exclusive Technovation Solutions Centre in Las Vegas.

As part of a multi-year agreement, VMob will have its products and platform showcased to hundreds of companies around the world from various industries, including hospitality, retail, healthcare and travel. The products will be displayed in real time in the environment that would be experienced by users.

Peg McGregor, Technovation Solutions Centre, CEO and founder, says many industries are experiencing stronger demand for mobile, intuitive and personalised information. Accommodation providers, for instance, are experiencing an increased demand for mobile information from hotel guests, says McGregor.

VMob CEO and founder Scott Bradley says the decline in traditional revenue is the perfect motivation for big hospitality brands to refocus on ancillary revenue opportunities.

“The landscape for major hotel and hospitality brands is evolving at a tremendous rate. Millennial travellers in particular are now demanding entertainment, retail and dining options from hotels and resorts. To compete in such an aggressive industry it’s critical that brands are embracing intelligent, dynamic and consumer-focused mobile solutions.”

McGregor says there is a greater business focus on growing ancillary revenue and enhancing loyalty programmes.

“The real-time analytics, opportunity to build a relevant relationship with guests and ability to personalise and deploy tailored information offered by VMob has been very impressive to the major players in the hospitality industry who have seen the platform in action here at the Technovation Centre,” he says.

“As guests continue to demand smarter, intuitive technology to enhance their experience, they are becoming more interested in relevance and content, and less concerned with the previously-held apprehension around marketing to personal mobile devices,” says McGregor.