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Komputer Kraft: Providing local knowledge with global cloud expertise...

19 Sep 14

As transforming businesses look to skies across New Zealand, it’s clear to see that global tech giant Salesforce is winning the cloud platform war.

So much so that Arxxus Director and COO Natesh Vedgiri, who in operating as an experienced APAC partner, believes the time has come for Kiwis to embrace Salesforce in all its glory.

Expanding an already strong relationship with Auckland-based company Komputer Kraft Consulting, who have been in the local New Zealand market since 1990, Vedgiri believes the uniting forces can help transition organisations to the platform through KKC\Arxxus Engage, assisting with on-going adoption and success of the service.

“KKC\Arxxus Engage helps new customers get up and running quickly and also includes ongoing support to help maintain your investment,” says Vedgiri, who works closely with Grant Scurrah, Director, KKC.

“As a trusted partner with feel our Salesforce expertise is incredibly important in delivery value to customers who want to explore the platform.

“Cloud computing is in our DNA and we’ve been heavily involved in Salesforce projects across ANZ.”

Approaching nearly 24 years as the head of KKC, Scurrah’s experience within this field is unmatched, with the industry veteran admitting most businesses in New Zealand, and indeed the world, still struggle with how best to fully maximise the benefits of the cloud.

Dedicated to providing market leading software solutions across the region through KKC, Scurrah is well placed to point towards KKC\Arxxus Engage as a viable option for cloud.

“KKC\Arxxus Engage plans help new Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities and customers with all aspects of Salesforce configuration, customisation and development,” adds Vedgiri, speaking from his Sydney office.

“We provide three KKC\Arxxus Engage plans and each also provides 6 or 12 month support programs to ensure you'll have ongoing support from our team.

“We have based these three plans on over 500 projects, which have helped us understand what customers need when it comes to Salesforce.”

Customer experience…

Through experience, both Vedgiri and Scurrah acknowledge customers traditionally require a quick set-up go get their businesses up and running within a short period of time.

But obviously depending on their needs, adds Scurrah, they may require more setup support than others - hence the flexibility of the plans.

Alluding to the company’s five founding principles, Scurrah says KKC provides consulting services with a focus on the long term business goal outcomes, adding that the company's success is based on "our long term strategy of delivering value to our clients."

“We work with customers to understand their requirements and identify the plan that best suits their needs, before agreeing on a scope to define a successful out for each Salesforce project,” adds Vedgiri, who with Scurrah, offers a unique combination of trusted local knowledge with global expertise.

Vedgiri believes companies of all sizes across New Zealand require Salesforce, and in discussing how KKC\Arxxus Engage can assist in the transformation, he provides an insight into the process:

“Speak to us and we'll help you choose the right plan, we’ll agree on a clear scope for the project before hand and subsequently review the plan throughout the cycle,” he explains.

“A big part of getting a project implemented correctly starts with understanding the key metrics and reports that users want to see.

“We’ll also test and deploy the solution with end users while ramping up support and maintenance for those who require it.

“Our experience working with hundreds of customers has highlighted there is often a 'support gap' after an initial implementation.

“The KKC\Arxxus Engage plans are different to a traditional implementation in that they provide you with up to one year's full support of salesforce as well as your custom solution.”

For more information check out KKC by clicking here

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