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Kuwait's Burgan Oil Field fires up digital signage

A secure government command center for Kuawit’s Burgan Oil Field provided the backdrop for an ‘exciting project’ for creative digital agency and full-stack software house 2point0 Concepts.

2point0, which designs and delivers digital signage solutions and interactive experiences, along with the media that drives them, says Kuwait Oil Company wanted to digitise the command centers and ease their work through implementation of digital solutions.

“The nature of oil refining businesses requires timely production and display of information in order to enable the making of informed business decisions on delicate matters,” 2point0 says.

2point0 Concepts solution for Kuwait Burgan Oil Field included 2x4 multi-touch video walls with a supporting side screen and rotating workstations built for better communication and collaboration between engineers.

The video walls provided real-time information about oil dwells, mapping their location and condition, and providing further vital information for the on-site operations.

“Our priority was to build an interactive information system that would consistently display critical data in a way that busy operators and engineers can grasp quickly and easily,” 2point0 says.

The solution delivered by 2point0 Concepts, who acted as proAV consultants for the project, included a Barco videowall, Smart Glass, which switches between opaque and transparent at the touch of a button, and Ideum’s Presenter Series Touch-wall/board.

The company says while creating the digital signage strategy for the project it ‘got into our clients shoes’.

“Since the two control rooms were next to each other and physically separated by a removable wall, we installed the two video walls on movable rails.

“Engineers from the Burgan Collaboration Center were excited to see that now they can use each one of the control rooms separately, or brainstorm and work together by merging them into one big conference room,” 2point0 says.

“When strategised and implemented intelligently, an information technology system can do wonders for you and your team, providing crucial and updated information at all times.”