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Launching This Week: Reckon Accounts

20 May 2013

Accounting software specialist Reckon New Zealand has hit the ground running in 2013, with phase two of its rebrand underway, a Reckon Roadshow set to tour the country and a new Cloud-based Reckon product due to launch later this year.

The Reckon rebrand, announced late last year, officially moves into gear this month with the switchover of QuickBooks accounting software to its new name, Reckon Accounts.

The rebrand is part of a programme to unify all Reckon products and services under one single recognisable brand name, Reckon.

The Reckon Accounts business range – which includes the Reckon Accounts desktop and online products – will be the same product that QuickBooks users know and love, but with a new brand and a new name.

“This is our market-leading product,” says Catie Cotcher, General Manager for Reckon New Zealand. “It has functionality such as multi-currency, advanced inventory and payroll.

"The Reckon Accounts Hosted product also offers users the ability to access their data anywhere, anytime via the Internet – plus they can back up their information to their own desktop so that they control their data.

“Though it will now be known as Reckon Accounts, it will continue to be the QuickBooks accounting software our customers value – just under a new name and with even more product functionality and support features.”

The newly named Reckon Accounts range will now incorporate the Reckon Financial Report Designer (RFSD), a desktop tool previously only available in the Reckon Accounts Hosted product that allows accountants to help their clients meet statutory compliance obligations.

There are also added tools for managing Payroll legislation and the new 2013 Reckon Accounts business range is compatible with Windows 8.

Late last year, the Reckon Accounts personal range of software products was the first Reckon product to officially change name – the range previously known as Quicken and aimed at individuals, sole proprietors and small business owners.

Alongside the rebrand in 2013 will be an innovative Reckon Roadshow series – where Reckon experts will ‘take the message to the masses’ by heading out on a regional roadshow around New Zealand.

“Reckon will be heading to the regions in August and September of this year,” says Cotcher.

“These roadshows are the perfect opportunity to showcase the possibilities that Reckon’s soon-to-be-released Cloud-based accounting software offers in terms of a new approach to the Cloud.”

The new product is Reckon’s latest Cloud development, ReckonOne, earmarked for launch in the 4th quarter of 2013.

The product will allow businesses and accountants to manage their accounting processes and share data easily, safely, anywhere and via any device.

The ReckonOne product is unique from other competitor Cloud products in that it allows the user to customise the software, build a solution designed specifically for their business and pay only for what they need.

With the ReckonOne product, users store their files in a central location in the Cloud – meaning data is easily accessible from anywhere, anytime, by multiple members of a team. That data is held securely and can be shared easily onsite or offsite.

“The roadshows provide the ideal vehicle to introduce ReckonOne in person to our professional partner businesses around the country, as well as for new customers – be they individuals, sole proprietors or small business owners.

“For us, it’s all about personal service – that’s key to the Reckon ethos – both providing market-leading accounting software solutions and working with our customers to show them how they can maximise the potential of the both the products and the Cloud to build their business. “

The roadshows will be held throughout New Zealand offering SME and business owners, accounting professionals and their suppliers and clients, the opportunity to learn more about the Reckon product range.

“We want the Cloud to be more than a buzzword – we want our clients and potential clients to understand what it really means for their business.

"And yes, with ReckonOne we will be able to help bring it into their business – but not just as an add-on, as a driving force behind the future of their business,” says Cotcher.

“It’s about Reckon working together with our partners and customers and providing a real service.”

More information on the Reckon product suite and the Reckon Roadshows can be found at or on our Facebook page