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Leadership tool released for Kiwi decision makers

Business leaders have a new tool on their hands to help them develop their leadership skills.

The Leader’s Digest app is a free resource developed specifically for leaders, enabling them to access answers to their leadership problems, tools to improve their skills and the latest leadership trends, from the comfort of their smartphone or device.

The app was developed by New Zealand-based leadership blogger and executive coach Suzi McAlpine, is designed to help business leaders feel more supported, informed and inspired in their roles.

McAlpine says the app was created in response to feedback from clients and readers of her leadership blog, The Leader’s Digest.

“Through my work as an executive coach and leadership blogger, I have found there’s a real need for leaders to feel more supported in their roles,” says McAlpine.

“Often leaders - particularly senior leaders and C-suite management - can feel isolated in their roles,” she says.

“A recent survey by Stanford University showed that more than 90% of CEOs find the process of receiving coaching and leadership advice highly effective and rewarding, but almost two-thirds do not receive support from outside consultants or coaches - and almost half of senior executives are not receiving any either,” explains McAlpine.

“Getting help and solutions to their issues as they happen is not always easy,” she says.

“The Leader’s Digest App is designed to help people access information as and when they need to, enabling them to feel more empowered and effective in their leadership positions.”

The Leader’s Digest App is available now for free download from the App Store or Google Play.