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Lighthouse inks deal with Macroblock

Global LED video display company Lighthouse Technologies has teamed up with Macroblock to further penetrate high resolution LED display projects.

Lighthouse says Macroblock’s strong R&D on LED Driver IC will provide the company with a leading new product series.

Founded in 1997, Lighthouse has strong global presence with regional offices in the Asia, Pacific, China, Europe and the Americas.

Lighthouse general manager, Ando Makoto, says Lighthouse has cooperated closely with Macroblock for many years.

“Macroblock is ranked 1st in the LED display driver IC market worldwide,” he says.

“Therefore, through becoming formal strategic partners, it will accelerate engineering expertise, new product developments and technological advancement.

“We believe we will bring visual experience revolutions to end customers by utilising our mutual technical strengths,” Makoto says.

Macroblock’s general manager, Robert Chen, says Lighthouse likewise plays a significant role in the LED display industry.

“You can see lots of successful cases all around the world. They provide innovative products and solutions ahead of their industrial competitors,” he says.

“Macroblock serves as Lighthouse’s important supplier by leveraging the R&D and engineering excellence to co-develop a series of advanced high-resolution LED display projects by which we know we can lead the whole industry,” says Chen.

Chen says customer-oriented thinking is the cornerstone of both companies.

“The aim of the partnership expects to bring a better product experience and leading quality products to all customers.”