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Mac or Windows - why choose?

14 Feb 2012

One of the most regular objections to switching to a Mac is the suite of current applications that users have for their Windows PCs. It has taken time and money to build up this collection of programs and having to start from scratch on a new platform is an unattractive proposition. This becomes a real issue when you have an important program that is Windows-only. The truth is, you have been able to run Microsoft Windows on Intel-based Macs for several years now. 

Mac users can run Microsoft Windows on their Intel Macs using Apple's Boot Camp software. This allows you to run Windows natively but requires you to reboot your computer to switch between Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The other option is to virtualise Microsoft Windows inside Mac OS X using a program like Parallels Desktop for Mac. This allows you to run both operating systems at the same time and switch between them without having to reboot your computer.

Visit your local Apple reseller to experience seamlessly running Windows and Mac apps simultaneously without rebooting your Mac and discover a variety of cool benefits. It’s simple to drag-and-drop files or copy-and-paste content between Windows and Mac OS X applications when you’re running Parallels Desktop. You can view and control Windows programs in Expose and Spaces, or launch the Windows Start menu or Windows applications right from the Dock.

People on the go benefit from the Parallels Mobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, which works with Parallels Desktop so you can remotely access your Windows applications and documents on your Mac from anywhere – even surf the Internet using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Added support for 3D graphics allows Mac users the ability to play Windows games using the full power of your Mac's video card.

And the possibilities are endless.

With more than 90 new and enhanced features – including Mac OS X Lion integration and a powerful new Parallels Mobile app – Parallels Desktop 7 is the fastest, most immersive solution for running Windows and Mac applications side-by-side without rebooting your Mac.

With the latest version of Parallels Desktop, you can now:

Enjoy Lion functionality including Full Screen, Launch Pad and Mission Control, for your Windows programs. Run Windows applications like they were made for Mac.

Run multiple copies of OS X Lion (when you are running Lion as a host) or Windows and their applications on your Mac

Use the new Parallels Mobile app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to watch and listen to Flash videos in Windows on your Mac or access and run your OS X, Windows, Chrome, Ubuntu and other operating systems, their applications and files on your Mac anytime from anywhere. Available in the iTunes App Store!

And Parallels Desktop is easy to set up and easy to use.  You can get your Windows up and running on your Mac in no time at all. Move your existing Windows PC to a Mac or install a fresh copy of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 in just a few simple steps.

With millions of customers worldwide, the award-winning Parallels Desktop for Mac is the leading choice of customers to run Windows on Mac - without rebooting.

Parallels Desktop 7 can also be purchased through Apple Resellers. Go here to find stores that stock Parallels.