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Managing customer Relations

01 Sep 2010

At AdminCorp we love Zoho CRM! It empowers your business with a full customer relationship lifecycle management application available online within your browser. According to Zoho, “‘CRM’ is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. Today it almost relates to an entire business strategy.” Zoho is easily accessible and affordable for start-ups and growing businesses. You can set up your account today for free and move up to a paid subscription to give you access to the many amazing features available. A few of the features we love about Zoho CRM that we use for our clients and our own customer relations are: Web-to-lead forms. Set up a form on your website to capture new lead contact information that submits directly into your Zoho CRM, and set a rule to email the new lead as soon as the data is received from the web form. Immediately you have the start of your customer relations with a new lead. Manage Customer Accounts. Manage your existing customers, send quotes and invoices, identify referrals made by existing customers, and track all related contact information and important data for your customer. Campaign Templates. Create campaign templates from within Zoho CRM. You may have a monthly call setup to Client A and he may ask for information on a particular service or product you supply to be emailed to him. At this point you would add your notes to the contact record and click ‘email’ to send an email using a pre-defined template you have created. Quick and easy. Activities – Tasks. Keep in contact with your leads and customers by setting an activity/task within the calendar. Your Zoho CRM will remind you when the task is due and all your information is right there when you log in. Team Overview and Management. Manage and assign incoming leads to your team. Oversee lifecycles of leads and allocate campaigns. Zoho also offers a support line, how-to videos, FAQs and knowledge base. Access your data in Zoho Web Access from your mobile phone. Zoho offers APIs and other plug-ins and integrations to further streamline your business productivity.See for more.