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Marketing in the connected world: Part 1

05 Sep 2012

We are currently witnessing exciting changes in the world of marketing allowing us to reach new audiences in increasingly more personal spaces.

In years gone by, advertising could only reach consumers when they chose to open the newspaper, switch on the radio or tune in to their TV.

Thanks to the emergence of new technology, however, marketing is now able to engage consumers on more personal and familiar terms, with increased targeting and knowledge of their individual likes and habits, and in all manner of scenarios that were previously deemed “private”.

We now take brands to bed with us, when we’re out in the car, even when we go to the bathroom through mobile news sites, social media pages, in-app advertising, push alerts and emails. Clever businesses and switched-on marketing teams are making the most of these situations, particularly through the use of targeted social media.

The growing personalisation of marketing is not just about brands appearing on the screen of your smartphone and tablet. While the phone is the central device in this new brand of personal marketing due to its ability to combine mobility and connectivity, the opportunity to engage is not confined to this one small screen.

Through the connectivity provided by mobile devices, every experience in what we may call ‘the connected world’ is an opportunity for businesses to push their brands in a creative way.

Connected Devices

People rarely sit and commit their attention entirely to one medium these days. We listen to the radio while we drive and at the same time take in billboards, bus advertising, ambient marketing and a range of other external communications.

We check emails and browse blogs while simultaneously reading and sharing online news. We watch television and post our thoughts on the shows to social media or engage on the show’s online properties through Twitter and Facebook.

These linked mediums enrich the user experience, and also offers businesses a new range of ways to engage customers on multiple channels at the same time. In doing this, businesses show consistency of message and an understanding of the customer journey that can help to strengthen a relationship with the brand.

Connected devices can push your brand in a range of new and innovative ways:

• Push notifications – push notifications to smartphones offer a range of opportunities to push brand to customers. Companies sponsoring live sports events, for example, have branding opportunities on the TV screen, branding and exclusive offer opportunities through the event smartphone app, and push notification opportunities to even a dormant smartphone again through the app.

• Pluk technology – connected devices recently became a little more interactive for brands with the creation the Pluk – a kiwi made smartphone app that listens to Pluk-enabled TV and radio ads and plucks special deals and information from them to your phone.

• Smart TV – hybrid devices such as Smart TVs incorporate connectivity to provide brands unbelievable new access to consumers. Like the shirt that actor is wearing on your favourite TV show? Just hit pause and selected products on screen will show product information, which stores to find and buy, options to buy online and even discounts that push to your connected email account. This is one of many ways in which Smart TV is offering businesses the chance to market in-show as on-demand television means more and more viewers are fast forwarding adverts.

Nicole Crump is the Director of Tactix, a marketing company offering fixed price marketing plans and strategic advice to companies with a passion for growth. To find out more click here