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Marketing in the connected world: Part 3

05 Sep 2012

Done right, social media can be a simple first platform into marketing in the personal space.

We all know how effective social media can be at creating a personal link to a consumer and in building up a relationship based on shared experiences.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, social media is now one of the easiest ways to connect with customers anywhere they might be.

The trick is taking into account your customer behaviour. A fairly playful brand recently suggested that the worst thing was forgetting to take a smartphone into the toilet with you to read social media while you’re in there. Bringing up unspoken human quirks such as this speaks in an honest way with your fan base and helps to enrich the relationship.

Facebook is the one stellar example of this, and the most prolific. It’s essentially a chat room for all things related to your business, and most marketers will encourage you to treat it as such rather than using it as an extension of your website by pushing out one way communication.

Social media does not stop at Facebook, however. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In and Four Square all have great applications for mobile marketing and personal contact.

Why do this?

Communicating in the personal space is one of the best ways for brands to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the customer, show that they too share that space or that interest, demonstrate a more personal and sometimes irreverent side to their business and engage on the same level as the customer.

This may not always generate sales, but it is key in developing relationships. Companies are becoming increasingly aware that relationships with customers must be built and developed to be top of mind and to increase opportunity to sell.

While they might not suit every business, it is well worth taking the time to research Connected World opportunities to see how they could develop your brand.

Nicole Crump is the Director of Tactix, a marketing company offering fixed price marketing plans and strategic advice to companies with a passion for growth. To find out more click here