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Marketing "migrates" to mobile

29 Jun 2010

The mobile marketing company that launched 18 months ago, TXT2GET, has run its one thousandth campaign in New Zealand.

Executive Chairman Marty Verry said that cloud services were behind what he called 100% year-on-year mobile marketing growth in New Zealand.

"Software as a Service platforms eliminate much of the sales and delivery cost structure of using technology, and this saving can then be passed on to businesses", he said. "By hitting a lower price-point with easy-to-use web applications, more firms can use services that previously would have only been affordable to corporates."

Verry lists a variety of customers from international corporates such as Westpac, Samsung and Red Bull to local companies comprising of a single individual. He says businesses add text response keywords to their advertising to increase response rates.

Companies use the service to run simple text for information offers, text to vote, text to access mobile websites, text for free samples and text to enter campaigns.

Is mobile marketing something you’ve had success with or have you yet to dip your toes in?