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Meet Minneapolis turns to dynamic digital displays

Meet Minneapolis, a not-for-profit which promotes the Minneapolis area in the United States, has turned to large digital displays to promote the city to visitors and locals alike and entice them to visit attractions.

Daktronics installed three LED displays measuring three foot, four inches by nine foot, five inches from Meet Minneapolis’ Visitior Information office.

The screens face outward through the visitor center window and promote the center’s three distinct services of Minneapolis artistic retail, transit resources and ‘help’ on what to do, where to go and how to get the most out of a visit.

The displays are largely used to promote Minneapolis events and activities.

Amy Alegi, Meet Minneapolis senior vice president of destination brand and strategy, says the new displays make a big statement on one of the liveliest corners in downtown Minneapolis.

“We wanted to make a splash to help engage visitors and locals, and to help promote everything there is to see and do in Minneapolis,” Alegi says.

“The new Daktronics displays are a powerful tool for us to tie together our promotion of the center and our partners, linking them to our digital and social media strategies.”

Daktronics is also providing two years of consultation for content management and scheduling.

James Roehrl, Daktronics sales representative, says the LED solution offers a way of promoting local events in an almost effortless manner.

“We look forward to seeing these display impact the community in a positive way for years to come,” Roehrl says.