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Microsoft adds 'boards' to Office Delve

Microsoft has announced a new ‘boards’ feature for Office Delve, which will be available for first release Delve customers. The boards feature aims to make it easier to find relevant information and collaborate.

A Delve board is where a collection of content about a particular topic will be found in one place. It was designed to be used to group and share documents, to make it easy to collect and discover content and to share this with relevant people.

When in Delve users can visit and create boards, adding content they find in the system to a new or existing board.

Users can follow boards to get updates or share one with their peers or organisation where relevant.

When an organisation has open documents in Office Online, colleagues can open them and work on them at the same time through boards. With this feature, employees can see each other’s updates then discuss and share ideas.

Within an organisation everyone has the ability to add documents, remove them or follow any board.

If a board has a document that a user doesn’t have access to, it won’t show up. Furthermore, should a user create a board and add documents they only want a few people to see, they can grant access to those people and only the board name, if anything, can be seen by other users.

New boards to check out and follow will be suggested to users based on what they have already looked at or created themselves.