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Ministry of Science and Innovation fleshes out senior team

14 Jun 11

Senior management positions at the recently-established Ministry of Science and Innovation have now been filled with the announcement of two new hirings this week. 

Chief executive Murray Bain confirmed the addition of Brett O'Riley and Graham Smith to the executive team at the new Ministry. Both will take up deputy chief executive positions; O'Riley's responsibilities will be in business innovation and investment while Smith will take up the innovation performance and marketing lead. 

Smith has joined MISI from New Zealand Post, where he was most recently acting group general manager for operations. Prior to that he spent time with Telecom and the Reserve Bank. Smith will take up his role with MSI at the end of July. 

O'Riley has come from the New Zealand ICT group, where he was chief executive. Prior to that he spent time with Telecom NZ in the mobile, merchandising and acquisitions sector. 

Bain said the hiring for the deputy chief executives positions within the Ministry is now complete. Previous hires include Rebecca Boyack as deputy chief executive corporate services, Liz Jazwinksa for science strategy and investment, and Peter Crabtree for systems strategy and policy. 

The Ministry was established earlier this year and, according to its website, is part of a "broader Government focus to boost the science and innovation sector's contribution to economic growth."