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MoleMap wins Cisco’s $100k

03 Jun 2010

The early detection skin cancer health company, MoleMap, has won the 2010 Cisco $100k Communications Makeover competition.

MoleMap will now receive $100k worth of technology and installation services sponsored by Cisco.

“We are really excited for MoleMap with this win,” said Cisco Country Manager, Geoff Lawrie. “MoleMap is a well established business with clinics throughout New Zealand that offer important health checks for the early detection of skin cancer.

“As the winner of the Cisco $100k Communications Makeover, the opportunity we see for them is to improve collaboration across their mobile workforce, their clinics in New Zealand and Australia, and with the internationally-based dermatologists they work with.”

MoleMap Chief Executive, Adrian Bowling, is looking forward to drawing upon Cisco’s expertise in the technology infrastructure area.

“We know that video and web conferencing could improve our internal collaboration and patient interactions, so we are excited to look at the possibilities that can offer our business,” he said. “Mostly, we look forward to having the chance to really consider how the right technology can better enable our business to reach its goals.”

The 2010 $100k Cisco Communications Makeover was open to all New Zealand businesses with between 20 and 100 employees.

Cisco launched the third annual Communications Makeover competition at the end of April.

More information on MoleMap winning the Communications Makeover competition will be in the first issue of Start-Up magazine, available June 14th. Details on howto subscribe here.