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Multi-screen story telling comes to Primark flagship store

International retailer Primark is using transparent LED displays and surround sound to create ‘an engaging atmospheric experience’ in its new flagship store in Madrid, Spain.

The Irish clothing retailer’s new four-floor store, in a newly renovateted historic building, features 11 10mm transparent LED displays, a Green Hippo media server playback system, eight-channel surround sound speaker system and a Crestron control system to create the multimedia installation in a central atrium.

Mood Media and its Technomedia Solutions brand partnered with Dalziel and Powe to design and build the installation which aims to entertain customers in store.

John Miceli, Technomedia Solutions president, says the prject was a ‘complex undertaking’ designed to push the limits of immersion in retail.

“Our transparent LED technology was the perfect solution for the flagship location,” Miceli says.

The transparent LEDs face into the attrium from their respective floors, providing a 360-degree audio-visual experience with multi-screen, multi-level story telling.

Discrete installation of all components was required, given the architecture of the building, which is preserved by the Heritage Commission.

Primark’s first United States store, in Boston, opened last year and also features cutting edge displays designed to attract guests, highlighting current trends and providing store information in a ‘hip and stylised fashion’.

Each display is integrated into high visibility locations, blending into the environment and highlighting key features of the Primark brand.

Technomedia was also responsible for the Boston installation.

Miceli says Primark has invested wisely in technology, creating sustainable, reliable experiences that will captivate customers for years to come.