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NanoLumens launches 'Outdoor Gallery Series'

NanoLumens has launched an ‘outdoor gallery series’ of outdoor LED offerings that can be built in any size, shape or curvature in pixel pitches ranging from 4MM to 9MM.

Robert Cross, NanoLumens director of research and development, says more than 80% of outdoor LED displays installed each year in the United States are 10MM pixel pitch or greater, yet NanoLumens primarily sells solutions that feature much smaller and finer pixel pitches.

“The new Outdoor Gallery Series reinforces our ability to exceed industry expectations in every display category by offering outdoor solutions featuring pixel pitches ranging from 4MM to 9MM for close proximity viewing,” Cross says.

Cross says the vast majority of outdoor display products are intended for long distance viewing, like something that might be seen on a billboard or way up high on a building.

“By reducing our pixel pitch to 4MM to 9MM, we’re able to bring the display closer to the viewer, so they can interact with it with more intimacy,” he says.

“For example, the Outdoor Gallery Series is perfect for outdoor gathering areas, sports arena mezzanines, or transportation depots where the display is exposed to a wide gamut of conditions, and people are very close to the signage.”

The Outdoor Gallery Series is designed to perform in all types of outdoor environments.

Offerings from the series were used in the American Airlines Arena in Florida, where the six solutions installed were built for a ‘salt fog’ environment, enabling the displays to withstand corrosive ocean air, and to operate ‘semalessly’ at temperatures up to 122 degrees Farenheit and in wind speeds exceeding 186 miles an hour.

The configuration of each solution can be altered by NanoLumen’s engineers to meet specific customer requirements.

NanoLumens says the new series LED solutions also offer ‘best in class brightness’ making it suitable even bright conditions.

The NanoLumens displays accept input from nearly any device or content management system, without the need for special software, hardware or special personnel to display content.