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NEC Display adds 55-inch display to high brightness portfolio

NEC Display Solutions of America has added a 55-inch display to its high brightness portfolio, which it says is ideal for shopping windows and enclosures in outdoor applications.

The specialty large-screen monitor is built to cope with high ambient lighting.

Ben Hardy, NEC Display product manager for large screen displays, says the new display – the X554HB – builds on the benchmark NEC has established for readable displays in highly specialised environments.

“Easily adapting to its surroundings, the display is ideal for shopping windows as well as enclosures in outdoor applications, giving organisations more digital signage options,” Hardy says.

The display has a panel brightness of 2700 cd/m2 and a 5000:1 contrast ratio, making it ‘ideal’ for applications in retail, transportation, restaurants and theater markets, among others, the company says.

The unit includes self-diagnosing and real-time temperature sensors linking to five thermodynamic cooling fans, to dissipate standing heat that can build up within the display.

The liquid crystal panel itself contains a higher than conventional temperature rating of 110 degrees Celsius, reducing the risk of the panel going isotropic in direct sunlit applications.

NEC says quarter-lambda optimal film is also integrated onto the panel to change the polarisation of the light intensity from the display to provide full readability in semi-outdoor installations for both landscape and portrait orientations when wearing polarised sunglasses.