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Need an NZ business mentor?

18 Jun 2010

Business Mentors New Zealand has relaunched its website and Client Management System to support its 15 agents and 1,600 mentors nationwide.

The firm offers a volunteer mentoring service to New Zealand SME businesses and the management system and website were developed by Datacom.

Director of Datacom Software and Integration, Vernon Kay, said “Datacom are proud to support an organisation like Business Mentors that is helping New Zealand small and medium businesses grow.

“People tend to think of Datacom as an IT Services company that only services large corporate and government customers. In fact, we have over 3,000 small and medium sized customers using our PaySystems suite; these are payroll products and services that cater to the smallest and largest of businesses. Not only do we manage the business’ payroll and help them keep abreast of HR and payroll legislation, we can also act as a PAYE intermediary between the business and the IRD. We share a similar philosophy to Business Mentors in our aim to help make the lives of small business owners just that little bit easier - so they can focus their time on growing their business.”

Business Mentors CEO, Ray Schofield, said, “Our new web system ensures we are providing the very best client support and service. It simplifies processes around managing our clients and provides mentors with a number of new features to assist them in their mentoring roles.  We are grateful to Datacom for their contribution to the project, having generously sponsored part of the website and management system’s design and build.”