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New govt initiative to help SMBs with finance

A new section has been added to the website, designed to help small businesses with tax and finance. has created a new section of the website called Tax and Finance, which covers everything from tax types to payroll dedications, and offers sound advice on topics such as how to reduce your tax bill, setting budgets and getting paid on time,” says Small Business Minister Craig Foss.

“Simplifying these processes means businesses can get on with what’s important — running and growing their businesses,” he says.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay says tax and finance are essential parts of being in business, but can, at times, still be difficult for small business owners to understand.

“This new section of the website will save businesses time and money, by providing the information they need to ensure they are handling taxes and finance correctly, and complying with the law,” McClay says.

Foss says small businesses are increasingly turning to the website for support and advice.

“Page views from the current tax section of the website have quadrupled in the past three years — from about 5000 a month to 22,000,” he says.  The new section is responding to what businesses want and need.”

The Tax and Finance page is available at: