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New 'match up' platform for bosses and temps

A new online platform is set to bring together job seekers and employers looking for temporary or contract staff.

The new service, Temp Market, cuts out recruiters, who the company says can often slow down the employment process and often charge high fees for presenting candidates.

“You could call it a matching site for temps and bosses,” the company says.

Temp Market managing director Sharon Davies says the service is a cost-effective, self-managed recruitment option for hiring temporary and contract workers.

“Technology has revolutionised many business models – not least the dating sites as we all know – by providing a direct channel between needs and those who can meet those needs,” she says.

“We are enabling transparency and immediacy for businesses that need to hire temporary staff but which for valid reasons are reluctant to go through a recruitment agency.”

On the site, business and HR managers can review all profiles of matched temps, decide who is right for them, then send them a brief overview of the role. Via their own account, temporary staff can then review and accept or decline the assignment. The first temp to accept wins the job.

“A technology-based approach to finding contractors and temporary workers creates transparency,” Davies says. “It also provides a three-dimensional viewpoint of each possible temporary worker, combining previous work experience, skill set, personality profile and previous employer reviews.”

Davies says people looking for temp roles and those looking to employ temps can now connect at Temp Market.

“If you are out of work and available for temporary assignments, register. If your staff member calls in sick, act – search for suitable skill sets at Temp Market.”

All temps registered with Temp Market are reference checked, credit checked and have had their skills tests completed so there is greater assurances of who a company is getting, Davies says.

“Unlike a recruitment agency however, we are simply a portal that enables them to meet, cutting out the middle man,” Davies explains. “And unlike a recruitment agency, Temp Market cannot pre-qualify candidates so as an employer you see all who match your needs.”

Temp Market charges a service fee on each temp hire, has a three-hour cancellation policy and provides secure, cash-free payments on all invoices and receipts.