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New Serko feature allows travellers to track luggage

Online travel booking and expense management firm Serko has today announced the release of a new feature on its mobile platform that tracks travellers’ luggage.

Bag Tracker allows users to pair their tags with Serko Mobile, the drop the tags into their luggage. Users can track up to three tags simultaneously.

“Serko Mobile users no longer have to wonder whether their bags have made it onto the plane or fight the queues at the luggage carousel as the app will now tell them exactly how far away their bags are at any point in time,” explains Darrin Grafton, Serko CEO.

 “The Bag Tracker feature is really easy to use and is another way that Serko is helping to transform business travel, making it less stressful and more productive for our customers,” he says.

The new Bag Tracker feature operates in two modes. ‘Find My Bag’ tells users how far away their bags are and if they are in range, and ‘Carousel Mode’, which alerts the user when their bag comes into range on the carousel.

Grafton says future releases will check that the number of tagged bags is consistent with the airfare booked. 

Bag Tracker is being launched initially on iPhone and will be available for download from the App Store late in September 2015. Users will be able to purchase tags online, or may be given them by their Travel Management Company. The Bag Tracker feature will be included in the free Serko Mobile subscription.