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New web resources for business owners

22 Feb 11

The Department of Labour has launched a new web resource called Infozone: Business Essentials. This resource helps employers, particularly those with small and medium businesses, understand the law relating to employment relations and health & safety. The Department of Labour also maintains other online resource that includes information on a wide range of workplace issues.

How Infozone can: Business Essentials help me?

Infozone: Business Essentials helps support businesses to set up that safe and healthy work environment by providing templates, examples and links so you can see how it can be done and gives you further information you need, to get it right.

Health and Safety:

A safe and healthy work environment is essential. Not only will it help avoid tragic and costly accidents, but good health and safety practice encourages staff retention and contributes to improved productivity, efficiency and profit. Employment relationships:

Having good employment relationships is essential for a happy and productive workplace. Employing and retaining the right people is vital to every business, and written employment agreements are a key step in that process.

Infozone: Business Essentials can step you through the correct employment procedures for hiring, managing and paying people, and when it’s time to end a working relationship. There are templates, documents and calculators available to help.

To find out more about the Infozone: Business Essentials website, visit

How can online tools help me?

The Department of Labour maintains a comprehensive online resource base that includes information on a wide range of workplace issues. See below the three most popular online tools.

Employment Agreement Builder

Written employment agreements are a legal requirement, and that’s where the Employment Agreement Builder comes in. You can use the Employment Agreement Builder to select the legally required clauses and also choose from a range of optional clauses that may meet your business needs. When all the clauses have been chosen, they can be saved as a single document. You can also use it to draft a cover letter to accompany the employment agreement. This is completely free and can access it whatever time that suits you.

Holidays Calculator

This tool provides guidance on whether an employee is entitled to a paid public holiday, sick day or bereavement leave day (ie: whether the day would "otherwise be a working day” for an employee) and what an employee should be paid (ie: their "relevant daily pay” for their day off or for working on a public holiday).

Employment Relations and Health & Safety FAQs

These frequently asked questions provide information on common issues or scenarios about health & safety and employment relations. If your question or issue is not covered you can use the "Need More Help?” option to send your query to our Contact Centre who will respond back to you.

To find out more about the online tools, visit

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