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New website for Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand has launched a new immigration website, designed to make it easier for people wanting information about New Zealand as INZ takes a new approach to immigration.

According to the department, the INZ website is one of the most visited websites in New Zealand; it’s one of the largest Government agency websites, with over 32,000 visits each day and over 12 million visits in the past year.

Visitors to the website come from across the world to apply for a visa or find out more about visiting New Zealand.

“INZ is becoming an increasingly digital service, with a new website and the ability for customers to apply for a visa online, wherever they are in the world,” explains Head of Immigration Nigel Bickle.

“The new website puts the needs of the user above anything else. It is a gateway to INZ, and the first place that most of our customers will look at to find immigration information – whether they want to visit, study or work in New Zealand,” he says.

Bickle says the majority of the content on the website has been completely rewritten so it’s simpler, clearer to understand and provided in the most logical place for customers who visit the website.

“Key to the development of the website has been ongoing user-testing and feedback,” Bickle says.

“We have conducted customer research to learn how our customers want to see the information. The designs have been tested with users and changes have been made in response,” he says.

“As well as supporting the Governments’ commitment to attract the best migrants in order to grow the economy, the launch of the website also supports the Government’s Better Public Services initiatives of improving interaction with government,” adds Bickle.