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NICE rolls out agile workforce management for distributed workforces

18 Feb 2021

Enterprise software solutions provider NICE has unveiled a new agile workforce engagement management (WEM) offering designed to support businesses during business uncertainty, and to supplement employee engagement and success in today’s distributed workforces.

Agile WEM is a way in which organisations can virtually connect their workforces in one location. The offering was designed off the back of continuing global uncertainty - and the acknowledgement that remote work is no longer a temporary measure - it is very much a long term arrangement.

NICE Enterprise Group president Barry Cooper says, “While the world is beginning to step out of the crisis, a new state of business as usual is still undefined and continues to evolve. In the past nine months, organisations recognised the need for agility and that customer service has proven itself to be a lifeline for consumers.”

The company notes that contact centres have reported surges in interactions because of the lag in on-site support and complete absence of ‘swivel chair assistance’.  This, the company states, has resulted in a decline in workforce engagement. 

“Organisations must find new ways to motivate the workforce and drive up performance to ensure top quality service that’s conducive to customer loyalty. Organisations must also ensure they are equipped to face sudden business upheaval and mitigate surprises that could adversely impact continuity.”

Features of Agile WEM include the ability to:

  • Gain visibility – understand employee activities and behaviours based on desktop analytics and workforce management (WFM) data from schedules and activities. By leveraging business-based key performance indicators (KPIs), such as average handle time (AHT), productivity and adherence, organisations can now drive team and employee focus. A holistic view of the blended office and workforce also enables better management of performance and skill gaps. ​
  • Ensure performance - personalise employee coaching to meet and exceed business goals by focusing on direct data that emphasises knowledge and gaps. This enables supervisors and managers to guide the workforce in the right direction. Share dedicated employee dashboards that provide insights to adjust their performance course​.
  • Drive engagement - boost workforce commitment and engagement by creating activities that challenge, motivate and reward employees to achieve results and support teamwork. Reward success by applying points and badges and enable their use for additional time off or related prizes.

Cooper concludes, “Organisations are prepared to motivate, guide and inspire employees as they deliver exceptional customer experiences while staying ready to face whatever comes next.”

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