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NZ business acknowledged for innovative eLearning solution

Sysdoc is a business founded in 1986 by New Zealander Katherine Corich. The company is now global and positions itself as a high performing specialist provider of an array of services including web solutions and process improvement.

For the last 30 years Sysdoc has worked with businesses looking to transform and improve operations. This is done by providing services in business change, organisation design, training, eLearning, process design and knowledge management.

Over the past year the organisation has won three eLearning innovation awards, and has just added another to the list. Sysdoc recently took home the Brandon Hall Group award for its work with Fonterra Co-operative Group.

The company marks the award as further international recognition of its work as an industry leader for development and delivery of leading edge solutions.

Dairy PRO was the product that won Sysdoc the award. It delivers a programme of modules that each focus on a specific aspect of Fonterra’s value chain.

Learners engage with the subjects through case studies, group challenges, field trips, expert speakers, eLearning, video, gamified learning and critical analysis of industry trends.

Chris Rowe, project sponsor, says Fonterra was looking for a programme to increase confidence, knowledge and capability across a wide range of people in the business.

Rowe explains Dairy PRO met the requirements tenfold and says the results were highlighted in the “number of people talking about the programme; and the number of teams asking for this method to be deployed to their department.”

Taking the ongoing success of the programme into account, Dairy PRO us currently developing more modules.