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Panasonic ups spectator viewing pleasure at Brazilian stadium

Football and concert fans at Brazil’s Arena da Baixada won’t be missing any of the on-field action with Panasonic Brazil installing a digital signage system including 220 Viera TV sets.

The deal is the first installation of the Digital Media Center in Brazil.

The installation includes the 220 Viera sets and a signage server. The sets 160 Viera 50-inch TV screens and 60 40-inch Viera screens spread throughout the stadium complex.

Two 77 square metre LED screens are also in use at each end of the stadium.

The screens can be used to display sponsorship messages ‘in a controled way so that it could disclose important information effectively so that people do not miss the match or the event going on,’ says Panasonic Brazil system solution manager Francisco Pereira.

The installation is the first digital signage solution using Viera TVs in a Brazilian stadium.

Panasonic Brazil says the Digital Media Center is a hub for integrated content distribution enabling control of what is shown on every television set across the stadium.

“The system ensures that visitors see the images or videos of games or concerts even when they are not on the bleachers,” Panasonic Brazil says.

The system features full IP control, developed for the arena.

Ivan Zamban, CAP IT manager, says the system is ‘super simple’ to operate and allows each television to be operated individually, via a simple web system, enabling different content to be viewed by viewers in different locations within the stadium.

Pereira says the Digital Media Center can be adapted to client needs.

“Hence it adds value to the content where it is installed, making it more interactive with visitors,” Pereira says.