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PayPost chooses Signagelive to boost revenue and customer experience

PayPost, Lithuania’s National Post Office, has chosen Signagelive’s powered digital signage network to optimise promotional opportunities in outdoor payment kiosks.

System on Chip (SoC) and HTML5 software developed by Signagelive on the Samsung Smart Singage Platform (SSSP) allows PayPost to reduce its dependency on printed posters and streamline operational processes, according to the company.

PayPost aims to use the digital signage to raise awareness different products and services offered by the post office and its stakeholders and also generate an additional revenue stream through the sale of advertising airtime to third-party companies, such as credit card companies, loan providers or insurance brokers.

In the past, individual branches were responsible for ensuring their advertising material was up to date. Not only was this process labour-intensive and time consuming, it resulted in disjointed marketing campaigns as there was no guarantee that the smaller branches always had the latest material at their disposal, the company says.

PayPost can manage the new digital signage from a centralised point. This has resulted in the optimisation of internal processes while freeing up internal resource and significantly reducing operational and logistical costs, according to the company.

Displayed content (created by PayPost and associated stakeholders) is stored and managed on Signagelive’s cloud-based platform and eliminates the need for onsite media players and storage servers. Content can be distributed out nationally, regionally or on a kiosk-by-kiosk basis depending on the location or the nature of the content.

The digital signage network comprises 67 x 46” Samsung OMD46-W 2,500 nits high brightness displays installed in outdoor self-service payment kiosks located in front of all major post office branches.

PayPost is also benefitting from Signagelive’s proof of play capabilities, enabling branch managers to demonstrate that campaigns have been executed and report on captured data in an easy to understand format

“Value for money and optimal use of investment are key drivers for all public sector organisations,” says Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO.

“The Samsung Smart Signage Platform, powered by Signagelive is not only significantly cheaper than conventional digital signage systems, it offers enterprise-grade functionality,” he says.

Thanks to Signagelive’s intuitive management CMS, the Post office is totally self-sufficient in the running and management of its digital signage network, with Hansab only needing to log onto the system periodically to ensure there are no performance or connectivity issues.