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IN PICS: First day of Xerocon South 2016

08 Sep 16

Xerocon South 2016 has kicked off this morning, with an enthusiastic crowd packing into the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Held over two days, the Xerocon South conference features a jam-packed agenda. Xero managing director for Australia Trent Innes and Xero managing director for New Zealand Anna Curzon will kick off Day One, setting the scene for the highly anticipated event.

Together Innes and Curzon will explore the exciting work Xero is doing to rewire and enhance the region’s small business economy

From working with government to developing new product innovations and tools, Innes and Curzon will share insights, ideas and inspirational stories from the Xero-sphere to give attendees a clear picture of how the company plans to reshape the small business landscape.

With a buzzing exhibition space packed with vendors, as well a full schedule of panel talks, breakout sessions and a huge list of guest speakers and thought leaders, the two-day event is set to go off, followed by the Xero Partner Awards on Friday night.

Check out our gallery of the exhibition hall below. Stay tuned, Techday is live from the event.

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