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Playtime offers up 'digital wall entertainment'

Playground equipment provider Playtime has launched interactive LED ‘play panels’ designed to engage children at shopping centres and childcare facilities.

The three-foot by five-foot PxlPlay wall mounted system responds to human touch by changing colour, brightness and patterns.

The offering features a network of full-spectrum LEDs, sensors and animated light games and program sequences with games including ‘colour block’, ‘simon sez’, ‘snake attack’, and ‘star burst’ able to be played.

Playtime says while digital signage is fast becoming an industry standard for retail, restaurants, hotels, health and fitness centers, universities, hospitals, churches, offices and mixed used commercial and residential developments, its offering takes digital signage to a new frontier, becoming digital wall entertainment.

The company expects its offering to be popular with shopping centers and retailers, enabling families to stop and engage with the responsive light games.

Playtime says the interactive play panels are ‘in high demand’ for exergaming for young children.

“PxlPlay play walls let kids combine cognitive tasks with personal motor skills, making them a practical and attractive choice for family entertainment centers, health and fitness centers and childcare facilities,” Playtime says.