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Poly A/NZ on what defines business success in 2021

04 Mar 2021

What are your business goals for the year ahead? What are the key actions that can put your business in a strong position for growth and success?

If those goals and actions are a work-in-progress or perhaps even non-existent, it could be time to seek a little inspiration from the business community.

Episode 3 of Poly’s ANZ stories does exactly that, in an effort to help all businesses take a confident step forward in 2021.

You will hear from small business owner Stefanie Schoeninger, who runs a shoemaking company called Atelier Stefani. She talks about some of her resolutions, and for her, it all starts with connection.

"Connection is a very important resolution because last year, we lost that personal connection to people and our colleagues in the office," she says.

"It's important to stay in touch with our partners overseas. Before, it was always possible to travel the world, but at the moment it's all done via video chat and phone. I can't imagine a world without technology anymore."

The focus then turns to Poly A/NZ sales manager Jason MacBride, who shares top resolutions that businesses could consider this year, such as investment and people, and technology.

"We're seeing businesses invest in their people and in their wellbeing. We're also seeing technology and moving into best-in-class technology and professional-grade solutions. This has been driven by the working from home/COVID scenario, where we're seeing a lot of disruption and distraction on the calls. From dogs barking and kids in the background, by having the right technology we can help to minimise that noise."

MacBride notes that the world is now entering a period of hybrid work, which in essence means that employees should have the same experience, no matter where they are.

"I'm a firm believer that there are only great people, not great organisations. People are what makes organisations fantastic. When we invest in our people and provide them with the right tools, we get a much better outcome and better-engaged employees."

Watch Poly A/NZ Stories Episode 3: 2021 Resolutions for Business Success below, or on YouTube.

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