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Powering ahead on PledgeMe

23 Jun 15

Tech startup Powerhouse Wind has raised its minimum equity crowdfunding goal of $400,000 on crowdfunding platform PledgeMe, becoming the third successful equity raise in the last 10 days.

The Dunedin-based clean tech startup has spent the last five years completing research and development.

The company has designed and built the Thinair 102, a 2kW wind turbine for use in on or off grid applications.

“After five years of R&D we’re glad we’re going to be able to move into the next phase of our strategy thanks to the support of our new shareholders,” explains Bill Currie, director at Powerhouse Wind.

“With the support of our crowd, Powerhouse Wind is going to be able to implement its business plan to commercialise the company by bringing on expertise in technical areas as well as sales,” he says.

Currently $456,176 has been pledged from 92 people. The campaign is capped at $900,000 and will run until 11 PM Thursday 25 June.

“We are confident we will get closer to our funding cap in the three days the campaign has to run,” Currie says. “We have a strong crowd of people out there who are interested in renewable energy”

PledgeMe CEO Anna Guenther says that it was good to see Powerhouse Wind and the other equity campaigns on PledgeMe powering ahead.

“Powerhouse Wind is our third successful equity raise in the past 10 days,” Guenther says. “PledgeMe is making its mark as the busiest crowdfunding platform in New Zealand.” 

“We’re really proud that awesome companies like Powerhouse Wind, Sorbet, and Angel Food are finding support from their crowds in their efforts to make the world a little bit better,” she adds.

“A huge thanks to our crow,” the company says on its Pledgeme page. “We have received 81 pledges (and counting). Some people have actually pledged more than once, which is great to see added support!”