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QuickBooks Premier ensures smooth sailing for Warren Hay Marine

09 May 2011

"We run our business with QuickBooks Premier,” says Susan Hay of Whangarei-based Warren Hay Marine. "Everything from stock inventories to retail showroom sales to staff hours and cost accounting. Before we had QuickBooks we had to do everything by hand. Now we can automatically track most of our activities and transactions and create accurate records that make bookkeeping easier than ever.”

Warren Hay Marine sells new and used boats as well as fishing and boating accessories from a retail showroom. "Almost every boat we outfit is different in respect to the accessories we provide,” explains Hay. "Some of the parts we take from our warehouse inventory, others might come from our retail showroom. Each item has to be accounted for, priced accordingly and added to the total invoice. Plus we service boats and that also requires spare parts, right down to the component level. It can become quite complex, especially if we need to make a special order for the odd part. QuickBooks helps us manage all these tasks with ease.”

"We helped Warren Hay Marine build their QuickBooks Premier-based automated accounting solution from scratch,” says Dan Bloom of Financial Systems Group, a Whangarei-based accounting systems consultancy organisation. "We had a discussion with the owners and staff to clearly define the business and processing requirements. We then structured QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Point of Sale to automate tasks where appropriate and to provide a framework to help them run their business on a day-to-day basis.”

"Dan has been awesome,” says Susan. "The nature of our business – products coming in and out, different prices depending on how an item is sold and ensuring that we have enough inventory on hand – made our requirements somewhat complex. Dan recommended we integrate a barcode-based inventory management system with QuickBooks. Not only has this helped us process individual items as they are delivered to us and as they are sold, but we can see with a few clicks of the mouse what we have in stock.”

Another benefit for Hay Marine is job costing. "We use QuickBooks to track hours, materials and overheads,” says Susan. "What was once a complex and time-consuming task is now actually quite easy. It took us a little time to get used to the automated systems and interfaces. But now that we've been able to work with QuickBooks, we find we spend less time looking over the accounts and more time with customers. It has been a great experience for us.”

Benefits• Automated processes save time, increase accuracy• Helps manage inventory, stock levels• Supports boat sales, retail sales and repair and service facility

Why QuickBooks Premier• Seamless integration with QuickBooks Point of Sale, bar code scanning & inventory control• Full range of standard capabilities plus flexibility for customisation• Expert local support

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