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“Quiet revolution” underway as cloud-based firm ‘presents’ itself to NZ…

19 Aug 2014

Cloud-based presentation platform provider Prezi has launched in New Zealand after years of organic growth, driven primarily by word of mouth.

After publicly revealing growth figures for the region, Prezi says there are more than one million users in Australia and New Zealand -- all of which have been acquired organically.

As a result, the ANZ region has become one of company’s top 10 markets globally with corporate customers including Telstra, Zurich, MLC, Rio Tinto and others.

“Prezi’s remarkable growth in Australia and New Zealand has thus far flown under the radar,” says Drew Banks, Head of International, Prezi.

“Classrooms, boardrooms, startups, and conferences are undergoing a quiet revolution.

“But now we’re going to raise our profile. Prezi is turning its attention to the ANZ region as one of its key growth markets, and we’re keen to accelerate adoption of our popular cloud-based, zoomable presentation platform.

“We’ve been thrilled by the incredible popularity of Prezi in the region. There’s more than one million users in Australia and New Zealand -- all of which have been acquired organically.

“It’s an impressive figure and provides a strong launching pad as we look to introduce Prezi to even more Aussies and Kiwis in the coming months and years.

Banks says Prezi helps presenters connect more powerfully with their audience.

“Unlike slides, Prezi’s open, zoomable canvas lets presenters show relationships between the big picture and fine details, helping them to put their ideas in context,” Banks adds.

“Their message is more likely to resonate, motivate, and be remembered,” he said.

“Prezi is a powerful tool which is used by everyone from globe-trotting TED presenters, to students and teachers.

“It is just as powerful in the classroom as it is in the boardroom, where it is regularly used by some of New Zealand’s largest businesses to communicate new ideas and strategies.”

Founded in 2009, and with offices in San Francisco and Budapest, Prezi now fosters a community of over 45 million users and over 120 million prezis around the world.

To underpin the launch, Prezi has designated two ANZ regional Prezi experts, Kris Flegg and Emma Bannister, who are independent Prezi designers and trainers and will also serve as local ambassadors.

Flegg, who is also the founder and Director of Prezi Training and Design, says it is exciting to see people changing the way they present and share ideas.

"We’ve all sat through really boring presentations and come away feeling like we’ve wasted our time and gained nothing,” Flegg says.

“But Prezi is helping to change that. It turns the previously mundane into dynamic and memorable presentations. It’s an extremely powerful tool.”

Bannister, who is also the founder of local design business Presentation Studio, described Prezi as a new kind of presentation software that, unlike slides which literally box you in, lets you show your ideas in context.

“With Prezi, you can zoom in on details and pull back to reveal the big picture,” she adds.

“Not only does this make your message more understandable, but it also makes your overall presentation so much more fun and engaging.”

Banks says it was exciting to see local businesses, such as Presentation Studio and Prezi Training and Design, spring up organically in the ANZ market, adding it was testament to the growing popularity of Prezi Down Under.

“Everyone from educators, to startups pitching for venture capital, small businesses wanting to punch above their weight, professional speakers, and big corporates, have been enjoying the benefits of Prezi in Australia,” he adds.