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Reckon's hosted app takes QuickBooks into cloud

04 Jul 2011

The popularity of QuickBooks, hosted by Reckon Online has been taken to a new level with the revolutionary service recently reaching more than 10,000 users across New Zealand and Australia. QuickBooks is the world’s best selling accounting and business software, and having it available over the internet for access anywhere anytime has been invaluable to its subscribers.

It possesses an identical look and feel to the QuickBooks desktop product, without the need for ever having to install or upgrade your software.  While many online accounting solutions support only very basic functionality, the QuickBooks hosted application is extremely comprehensive.  The absence of browser based complications means users simply log in and go to work, getting the same ease of use and functionality just as if they had QuickBooks installed on their local PC.

All the while having the peace of mind that their data is safely hosted across mirrored servers in two separate locations and automatically backed up.  And, uniquely, the hosted service also allows users to upload and download as many company data files as they wish, both to and from their local hard drive.

The Online service forms part of Reckon’s commitment to adding value to the way in which New Zealand businesses operate, and users of the QuickBooks hosted application have already found just how much value-adding benefit the service offers.

"I have been domiciled in China since April 2010,” says Noel Hunt of Kawhia based company Quality Hawkes Bay.  "During which time I have, thanks to the Online facility provided by QuickBooks, been able to successfully manage the preparation and management of the monthly operating accounts of my NZ based company.”

Previous to Hunt subscribing to the QuickBooks hosted service, the support his accountant was able to give him being located back here in New Zealand was limited.  However, the convenience of his accountant now having simultaneous access to his business data, even though he is on the other side of the world, has completely streamlined his business.  "Another benefit for me has been the access permitted to my accountants back in NZ, so come year-end they can access and download all they need to complete my year-end accounts.”

Hunt also found the added benefit of having automatic product updates and upgrades at last year’s GST change.  Rather than having to manually install or deploy the update on their local machine, online users have all of this taken care of for them.  "I was particularly impressed with the smooth transition to the increased GST rate – this as we say was a ‘piece of cake’ having the option to choose either 12.5% or 15% when entering a transaction,” said Hunt.

The mobile nature of business and technology continues to increase everyday, and this is something Reckon Limited’s Business Division CEO, Gavin Dixon, is well aware of.  "Being able to access vital business management software online is opening up many possibilities for businesses.  By making QuickBooks as readily available as possible, our users have greater flexibility to work how and when they need to.”

"QuickBooks hosted cannot be beaten for functionality, flexibility and price.  The software has features that suit small to large businesses, and after the first year can be purchased by the month, helping businesses with cash flow,” says Dixon.

For more information, contact the Reckon Online Team on 0800 447 292 or visit

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