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Safe365 stamps out uncertainty around Kiwi workplace health & safety

29 Sep 2016

Workplace health and safety is a core aspect of any business, no matter what industry you're in. With the recent changes to New Zealand's Health and Safety at Work Act (2015), those businesses are still trying to move towards total compliance. Some businesses just don't even know where to start.

Safe365 is a new SaaS software solution which helps business improve their compliance level. Its software assesses health and safety improvement, instead of just standard incident reporting. The company says this allows businesses to become more compliant as the workplace changes.

“All small, medium and large business owners understand the financial, productivity and social impact when staff are not working. However, the consequences of breaching health and safety practices under the new Act are very serious, with directors, management, employees and contractors facing significant legal exposure if they are found to have not met their duties,” says Nathan Hight, certified professional risk manager and co-founder of Safe365.

Hight says that New Zealand has a poor health and safety record compared to Australia and the UK, and he says it's time to give businesses more control about their capability and control. It's time to raise the bar.

“Safe365 was designed to provide a cost effective, simple tool to assist organisations understand what they need to do to improve, meet legislative requirements and align to ISO standards and best practice in health and safety," he says.

The software works by continuously assessing a set of 88 competencies which are defining points for legislation compliance. It also includes an action plan and more than 300 resources, including templates, videos and examples to improve compliance as actions are implemented.

The action plan changes as businesses implement those actions, which allows for steady compliance progression, all at the click of a button, Hight says.

“Businesses are able to set up their own unique portal and complete an online self-assessment based on their current health and safety status. The software then provides immediate insights on their health and safety position and what they need to do to improve it. The Safe365 ‘safety index’ and innovative dashboard provides a visual picture of the organisation’s health and safety strengths, together with areas of exposure, and allow them to track improvements over time," Hight explains.

Hight says that these tools give businesses full control and visibility of progress and areas for improvement, so their 'scorecard' can also be improved, relieving a lot of the burden that can come with compliance.

Safe365 was also developed by experienced and qualified risk management professionals. The software is cloud-based and cost-efficient, and Hight says this can become the 24x7 web-based hub for all staff, including contractors, workers, managers, directors and owners.

Learn more about Safe365 here. 

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