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Screen sharing Android app enables greater collaboration

The Android app has received a major new update that provides users with greater collaboration options.

LogMeIn, the company behind the Android app, says the updates gives users the ability to collaborate on the go for free, by instantly sharing documents, apps, web pages, maps and more on their smartphone or tablet with colleagues, prospects, customers, partners or friends across the table or across the world.

Because it works as part of the overall service, attendees can join the screen sharing session from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, the company says.

“How we meet today - the way we share ideas and get stuff done - is increasingly a series of quick, iterations and interactions. We wanted the experience to be able to empower people to work in that way,” says Craig Daniel, VP of product.

“The new Android app opens up frictionless ways to share ideas on the fly, whether you simply want a quick way to get an extra set of eyes on something or host a full fledged mobile meeting,” he says.

Using a button called the ‘puck’, users can toggle back and forth between device screen sharing and the app.

In addition to real-time screen sharing, the updated app also offers Pro customers who want to host and present from their Android smartphone or tablet a wealth of other new features.

These features enables users to start a meeting using a unique personal link; pass, request or reclaim presenter control; record meetings; lock/unlock the meeting to allow others to join with or without requesting access; and start a conference call from an Android phone with one-tap that automatically dials the conference call number and access code.

The new for Android app is available for free on devices running version 5.0 and above operating systems (Lollipop and Marshmallow) and works with both’s free version, as well as the premium version, Pro.

Additionally, optional upgrades are available through in-app purchases. Android users with compatible devices can update the existing app or download the app for free on the Google Play or Amazon store.