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Seek makes improvements, updates pricing

Job seeker website Seek has today announced upcoming changes to its pricing structures for hirers, set to take affect from July 1st 2015. 

Janet Faulding, general manager for Seek NZ, announced the changes in an email sent out this morning, while outlining how the company has been investing its time and resources over the last 12 months.

“From July 1st 2015, you may notice some changes to our prices,” Faulding writes.

“Each year we conduct a pricing review, taking into careful consideration a number of factors including market conditions, the value that SEEK continues to provide and the initiatives we are working on to ensure the ongoing delivery of this value to you.” 

The upcoming changes will not impact employers’ current SEEK advertising agreements, and will only start to take affect after their next contract renewal date, Faulding explains. 

She says Seek’s focus is to “continue delivering more value by investing in the most innovative technology to connect employers with the most relevant and receptive candidates, faster.”

Faulding says Seek has grown candidate profiles by 1m over the last 12 months, now at 3.5 million in May 2015.

“Increased profile creation has come through revised application form design that makes it easy for candidates to quickly create a profile using information they have already entered into the form,” she says. 

The majority of new profiles now include a CV, given most candidates now create their profile when they apply for a role.

Faulding says 60% of user profiles have been updated in the last 12 months, and Seek will be nudging candidates to update their profile every six months. The company has also made updates to its Job Mail advertising. 

Seek says it saw a 12% increase on visits year over year from January 14 to January 2015, and experienced record visits in January of 3.4m.

The company is seeing 110,000 downloads of its mobile app per month across new Zealand and Australia, with a total of 3 million downloads.

Faulding says Seek has created a mobile responsive site to acknowledge that 59% of visits now come from mobile. Thirty three percent of candidates now apply using a mobile device.

Techday has reached out to Seek NZ for further clarification on the pricing updates.