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Selling is as easy as 1-2-3 with ShopEzy...

18 Oct 2013

When heading a small to mid-sized business, you work too hard to see your good work go to waste.

But thankfully, all those countless late nights and early mornings can now mean something – through a simple and affordable way for Kiwis to sell your products online.

Introducing ShopEzy, a New Zealand made free ecommerce website designed to get your products online and controlled by you, not some stranger overseas.

To build a business, and be successful, you need to grab every competitive advantage going – because after all, if you pass on such an opportunity, chances are your competitors will gobble up the offer.

With no more developer fees and no more marketplace commissions, ShopEzy takes pride in its ability to offer a transparent service which can significantly improve the selling potential of a business.

The customers know exactly what they are getting and how much it costs – sounds easy doesn’t it?

Well that’s because it is.

A service crammed with options, ShopEzy isn’t restricted by New Zealand shores, allowing users to sell to anyone and everyone with multi currencies and international shipping options - boasting the features you would expect from a $5,000 website.

Trading online offers advantages across the board for businesses of any size, offering companies with an internet presence a head-start over those offline firms still operating in a bygone era.

Why choose ShopEzy?

• Full content management system, to keep you in control of how you sell your products

• Sell Online internationally with ease

• Sell up to 5 products for FREE

• Free New Zealand support

• Pre designed templates plus the ability to create from scratch

ShopEzy Packages

Freebie - Free

• 5 products

• Unlimited Bandwith

• Unlimited Transactions

Pro - $9.90 Monthly

• 45 products

• Unlimited Bandwith

• Unlimited Transactions

• Use your own Domain Name

• Premium Support

• No adverts

Executive - $19.90 Monthly

• Unlimited products

• Unlimited Bandwith

• Unlimited Transactions

• Use your own Domain Name

• Premium Support

• No adverts

• Responsive for Tablets/Phones

• Free Email Hosting

In truth, the cost of building an online operation is low – especially with ShopEzy on board.

If succeeding in business is all down to speed, efficiency, pricing and outreach, then online selling through ShopEzy ticks all those boxes, boxes which can help create extra dollars for your blossoming business.

ShopEzy is happy to offer a discount to the first 100 Techday readers; three months free executive package (worth $60) and a professional developer to help you build your site from start to finish (worth $199).

Just sign up through the ShopEzy site and then open a support question or send an email quoting Techday for your free ecommerce website.

For more information on how to get started with ShopEzy click here