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Signet and FriendMedia team up for digital signage content-as-a-service

United States companies Signet Interactive and FriendMedia have teamed up to offer a digital signage with content-as-a-service for a complete turnkey package.

The two companies say the offering means customers will get digital signage hardware and software, with content included, rather than having to source their own content solutions or create content in-house.

Jeff Li, founder and chief executive of digital signage company FriendMedia, says having the right content ‘is the most critical factor in effective digital communications’ but is a big challenge for many of its customers.

“This partnership with [digital marketing agency] Signet empowers our entire customer base to finally cross that hurdle,” Li says.

Jeff James, Signet Interactive chief creative officer, says the integration of Signet’s content development and storytelling capabilities is ‘extremely valuable’ as it maximises customer support efficiency and adoption.

“Using the combined visual creativity from these two services enables companies to focus on the most immediate sales and communications opportunities with the people in their stores and as a result improve customer activation and retention.”