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SignStix and Insight Signs kick off new partnership with EMU flagship

Insight Signs Australia and United Kingdom-based digital engagement platform SignStix have partnered up to provide what they say is a comprehensive signage solution which covers a range of sectors.

The two companies worked together last month to deliver a new flagship store in Sydney for Australian footwear brand EMU, with Insight building natural wood totems to incorporate 4K digital displays, reflecting EMU Australia’s brand identity.

The digital screens are powered by SignStix's cloud-based CMS, giving EMU Australia the ability to control all store content and eliminating the need to train staff to manage the system.

Marc Richmond, Insight Signs director, says by partnering with SignStix, Insight can help guide clients to incorporate digital advertising effectively, enhancing the experience of existing and potential customers.

Aneysha Wakelin, SignStix head of marketing, says the two companies have a number of projects already in the pipeline.

“We are excited to see what’s in store for 2016,” Wakelin says.